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A belief in the value of cultural exchange.

The experiences we live,
Across the journey we take,
Amongst the people we meet.

We write stories
Of the beauty of uniqueness,
The wisdom of movement and progress,
And that together, differences can coexist and be shared.

Reminding us that we are all part of greater whole.

Letter from the Founder 

My life journey continues to be filled with inspiration from different cultures and their
peoples’ traditions, languages, foods, art, histories and textiles. 

While accumulating all of these aspects was not realistic, I focused on collecting vintage
and archival clothes, unusual objects, accessories and textiles. Besides being a necessity,
clothing and textiles have always been a means to express individuality, creativity and history. 

Many years and 8,000 unique items later, my archive is today the foundation of a curated
marketplace for quality and naturally aged objects. 

Maurizio Donadi