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Pressing Matters

"This longtime insider of the denim and sportswear markets who previously worked for brands such as Diesel, Levi’s, Armani and Ralph Lauren, and recently co-founded Atelier & Repairs, a creative studio redesigning and up-cycling existing clothing and textiles, continues his mission to share his passion for vintage and archival clothing and promote new responsible thinking and practices."

"Apparel brand Atelier & Repairs rebukes fashion industry waste and our throw-away culture. Maurizio Donadi, the label’s founder and creative director, thoughtfully upcycles vintage denim, outerwear, T-shirts and more—oftentimes embellishing them with patches, paint splatter and elegant marks of wear. Given his long history in the denim industry (including Ralph Lauren, Benetton and Levi’s) and insatiable desire for experimentation, Donadi has accumulated quite the collection of vintage and reworked garments. As such, he’s debuting Transnomadica, a shoppable online archive of 8,000+ pieces from around the world that showcases his vast and varied personal inventory."

"LJ: Can you tell a bit about your new project Transnomadica? What is it exactly, for who is it and what can people do at Transnomadica?

MD: The concept of Transnomadica is based on my archive, a large accumulation of unique pieces collected over 30 years of traveling for work and for inspiration.

It is simply a digital shop for unique pieces, sort of a curated flea-market for designers, collectors, vintage aficionados and anybody looking for objects with a story. It is completely open and anyone can purchase. There are no restrictions."